Nov 7, 2019 rockcod/crab combo aboard the Huli Cat - Thanks for a great trip!


Peninsula Fishing Club and Kimochi, Inc.

A HUGE thank you to our executive sponsor, Kimochi, Inc.

Created by "Kimochi" or "feeling" for elders, Kimochi, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides culturally sensitive care for seniors primarily serving the Japanese and Asian American community.  Since 1971, we have consistently offered services and programs to help seniors and families address the changes “aging” brings, and have focused on keeping seniors active at home and in their community.

Today, the spirit of "kimochi" – appreciation for the Issei and Nisei generations' sacrifices and hardships--is integral to Kimochi's philosophy of care for the elderly.  Kimochi, “feelings” for our elders-respect, gratitude, and love, are expressed through programs and services that help each generation age with dignity, pride, support and friendship.  Our agency is currently focusing on developing services to meet the emerging needs of Sansei (third generation Japanese American) baby boomers. 

For more information, please visit Kimochi's website: